Who am I?

Hi, I am Zhijun TAN, originally come from Hunan province of Southern China. I usually surf the internet with the user name tumutanzi, which is the domain of this blog as well. It is easy to find me on the internet.

This is my personal blog. Unfortunately, the main language of this site is Chinese. I know it is too difficult to read the posts of the blog for people who have never learned Chinese, but I do not have enough time to run a blog with multi-language. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I obtained my PhD from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University, Belgium. My doctoral research topic focused on the hydration modeling of cement-based materials which is made of ternary blended Portland cement, blast-furnace slag and limestone powder.

I am now working at the University of Sheffield, the United Kingdom, with research topics focusing on the hydration modeling of cement-based materials and sustainable construction materials, i.e. blended cement and geopolymer concrete.

How to contact me?

The best way to contact me is by email: [email protected] Should you have any question or would like to contact me, feel free to email me.

I guess some friends hate boring email. Living in the overwhelming social media era, you may also follow me at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ by clicking the following links:

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        1. HTTPS网站由于加密传输,所以本身并不会过滤——无法过滤,但是严重情况下,把HTTPS网站的服务器IP给封了,也就墙掉了,Twitter Facebook就是这样被封的。

      1. 至少相比我这个乱写东西的动物而言,你还是比我专业了。。。

  1. 土木坛子,您好!

  2. 你好,偶然来到这个博客,给人耳目一新的感觉,喜欢你的博客。可以告诉我这个wordpress的模板么,可以发给我么?谢谢

  3. 来回访您的独立博客,意外发现我们的主题和个人简介都好相似!不过,正如知乎上几篇回答所言,不更新的博客都没有意义。所以我回去面壁了……

      1. 您说的对。我想强调的是,个人品牌的建设,仅仅靠域名和空间是不够的,需要通过付出精力才能让别人信服。

  4. 看了几篇文章,觉得很棒,谢谢你.


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