How Much to Buy Kindle in Europe?


I planned to buy a Kindle 3 (3g+wifi) in Europe (Belgium) long long ago, since it is quite easy to pay using credit card and ship it via Last Sunday, I tried to order one on the site, unfortunately, the price I have to pay (254.08 USD) is much higher than the stated one (189.00 USD) on the site when I was ready to pay the bill. Here is the bill information.

Kindle 3

Items: USD 189.00
Shipping & Handling: USD 20.98
Total Before Tax: USD 209.98
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: USD 0.00
Import Fees Deposit USD 44.10
Order Total: USD 254.08

Order Summary in EURO

Items: EUR 136,15
Shipping & Handling: EUR 15,11
Total Before Tax: EUR 151,26
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: EUR 0,00
Import Fees Deposit EUR 31,77
Order Total: EUR 183,03

If I choose euro as payment, it is even a bit more expensive, because the exchange rate (EURO/USD) applied is lower than the current.

So I think it is too expensive to buy a Kindle in Europe.Applicable Exchange Rate (Amazon applied): 1 USD = 0.720 EUR, But 1 U.S. dollar = 0.693 Euro (Source from Google today).

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  1. westwood

    另外有谣言kindle 4要出来了,所以我还在观望中

    1. 土木坛子 文章作者


    1. 土木坛子 文章作者


      iPod touch 8GB1
      Retina 显示屏
      Game Center
      RMB 1798 含 RMB 261 的增值税、关税及其他税金。

      这么说来kindle还确实是便宜。我的kindle 3G+WIFI花了254美元,合1650元左右。

  2. 博士牌民工

    哈哈 ,研究价钱呢,你的Order Summary in EURO的第三项Total Before Tax:错了,应该是151.16的;基本上跟在欧洲的amazon的价格差不多了




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