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      1. Jo


        I just got myself a kindle and am so glad that u r sharing these books online! However, your link to download the BT torrent is not working for me. It appears that the link has been disabled. Can it be made available again?


      1. 调皮鬼


    1. 土木坛子 文章作者


  1. Grace

    Sorry I cannot read or write Chinese but I want to thank you so much for posting the file and posting in English. My dad is elderly and he reads a lot of Chinese books and he has probably read most of the books in the library. Unfortunately he doesn’t use the computer or Internet and I cannot read Chinese so I have been searching for a way to download Chinese books. I plan to get him a Kindle for Father’s Day and preload it with the books from you file. Again, thank-you so much for sharing your file and knowledge…you don’t know how much I appreciate it and my father as well.

    Grace from Houston, TX

  2. lani

    Hi there. Like the other poster, I want to install this for my dad for Father’s Day. Two questions: 1. Can the Kindle be in English to read Chinese, or does it need to be in Chinese? 2. How do you upload the books to the Kindle exactly? Thank you in advance!

    1. 土木坛子

      What do you mean? you can read all Chinese ebooks on Kindle, just as I read these books on my Kindle. As for the voice reading (Kindle read Chinese books in voice), Kindle does not support voice reading in Chinese. There is no official Kindle product for Chinese language.
      Upload: I just connect Kindle with PC by USB cable, then copy all books I want to Kindle, it is very handy. And you can also send books to your Kindle email address, then turn on you wifi of your Kindle, Amazon will sync the received books with your Kindle.

  3. Shann


  4. henix

    Hey, that’s great. but for some reason I can’t download the torrent. I guess there is no seeds or something like that… Can you also upload it on Rapidshare or another file sharing host? Thanks 🙂
    And, one more thing, I’ve just started learning Chinese so I will need to frequently refer to a dictionary while reading a Chinese book. Is there any good instant look up Chinese-English dictionary for kindle that you know of?

    1. 土木坛子 文章作者

      Hi, you can downlaod it from the link.

      As for the C-E dictionary, because there is no official Kindle device for Chinese, so I do not think C-E dictionary works right, sure, you can have a try. But you can install DUOKAN os onto your Kindle, then you can download a C-E dictionary. Possible Chinese-English dictionary:

      Should you have further problem, tell me.

  5. 淬夏


  6. Guang Rong


    I managed to download the torrent file, much thanks! However, it the file is Kindle_Chinese_books_Public.7z, how do I open the file? I’m not too sure how to go about using an appropriate programme to extract the contents. Thanks for your reply in advance!

    Guang Rong

  7. Ken

    I have not try this yet but I think this is perfect. I do not read Chinese but my mom’s always looking for Chinese books to read. Other English websites do not have extensive list like you do here, and I am not able to visit Chinese websites to understand what I’m looking for. Your post written in English while providing Chinese sources is much appreciated. I’m going to buy a kindle for her and load these books into it. Thank you

  8. Alan

    I’m from Singapore, just brought a Kindle a few months back. Was looking for chinese ebooks and chanced upon your site. Appreciate your effort in collating and sharing the extensive list of chinese ebooks.

    Thank you.

  9. Queennie

    Hi, I just bought a kindle and have been searching for chinese books high and low. So happy to see your list of chinese books! May i know how can i download? as i am I T idiot. Appreciate if you could explain to me step by step. Thank you !!

  10. Queennie

    Hi, thank you for your kindness. For the first link, i am unable to download due to the file is too large. The second link, i have downloaded the book, but unable to open the file.No idea what ‘s gone wrong. Anyway, thank you for your help. I will try again.

  11. Don


    I haven’t been able to download the books yet…but it appears they would be in simplified Chinese. Do you know of a similar bit torrent sit for traditional Chinese?

    Anyway, great work!

  12. Don

    Hi. Yes, sorry I wasn’t clear. I was just in the process of downloading them when I wrote to you. But since I noticed you were using simplified I assume the books were as well.

    Thanks for your help! My wife is Taiwanese and although she can read simplified my kids are not proficient yet.


  13. Hayley

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me
    out much. I hope to give something back and help others like
    you aided me.

  14. Tommy Boy

    Thank you so very much for these.. I promised someone I would find Chinese ebooks for them then forgot until 1 day before they were leaving… this saved my LIFE!!!

    Thank you!!!

    BTW I have shared this torrent file with a public torrent site so this torrent will never ever die and be enjoyed by thousands!

  15. Heidi

    do you know if there are any free chinese kindle books that are in traditional chinese, and not simplified chinese? thanks

  16. Matt

    Hi, thanks for the post! I’m letting my mom use my Kindle, and she loves a lot of the books that are in the upload! I was just wondering: are these books free because they are public domain, or are they simply your copy of the files? Thank you!



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