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  1. Hi,

    First of all, thanks for sharing. I tried following the steps and everything seems ok except when I tried transfer them to my Kindle Paperwhite. Are the files not supported by my Kindle or I could have missed out something. Appreciate if you could help me out

  2. Hi, Just wanna let you know that i’m downloading this huge file of Chinese books you created and it’s very fast!! I just got my Kindle Paperwhite last night. it’s set to the since i live in France, and it’s so difficult to find Chinese books in Chinese to download. i was looking for some classics which should be free. now i’m looking forward to openning the file and selecting the books i like once it finishes downloading!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this!! (btw, i’m enjoying Kindle so much!! i bought it to read English classics thanks to the dictionaries installed, and was happy to find out i can read a lot of Chinese books on it too!) i really appreciate it!

    1. Helo
      does anybody know if the european kindles have the xiandai hanyu cidian ? I would like to buy a kindle but it seems impossible to buy it directly from the chinese amazon if you are in europe.

      1. Hi Nouna, mine (bought in France from has 现代汉语词典 installed now. The dictionaries are not preinstalled. Your kindle is smart enough to download a new dictionary automatically as soon as you download a first book in a specific language. It doesn’t have anything to do with the place where you bought it, nor the country your account is tied too, which is GREAT! So I don’t think there’s anything you should worry about.

        1. Thank you for this great news!
          Just one last question, can you buy ebooks from amazon china? Or are there any other chinese websites that have a good offer of chinese ebooks?

          1. Yes you can. I have purchased a few Chinese books from now with my French Kindle (Paperwhite). The only thing you have to do is to register your kindle to the Chinese Amazon. To cheat the system into believing it’s a different account you nedd a different password for your Chinese Amazon account from whatever other ones you register to. It’s easy to do. Now my kindle is switched back to and I can shop freely in American Amazon and French Amazon. I would just re-register it to whenever I want to buy Chinese books.
            For more information:

          2. Thank you both for your answers,
            I’ve contacted and here is their answer :
            只要您购买的是目前已在国内销售的Kindle Paperwhite系列电子书阅读器、7英寸Kindle Fire HD第一代和第二代平板电脑、Kindle Fire HDX系列平板电脑,在支持的国家都可以注册至亚马逊Z.cn帐户、进入Kindle商店(测试版)购书。




            I’m not sure I’ve really understood their message,are they suggesting me to lie about my adress ; it seems that the only way for a French person who’s living in France to buy theirs chinese ebooks is to lie about my adress and contact them every month in order to buy 5 ebooks. If I’m switching from one account to another is there any risk in loosing the books that i’ve bought on the former account?
            Once again thank you for your help, my chinese and my technical knowledges are too superficial.

          3. To some extent, you are suggested by to lie to, because by this way, you can buy the books and can make money, and the whole process bypass the copyright rule. Theoretically, this is illegal, but as I said, the outdated copyright rule is stupid to ebooks.

            As for the books you bought from other accounts, they will always stay in your other accounts, that means you can read them whenever you want, just login with the corresponding account on your Kindle reader.

            If you would like to read books from different accounts at the same time, you need to remove the DRM restriction which is again theoretically illegal. The method of removing DRM of Kindle books is here:

            Lastly, I would like to say again: the copyright regulation all over world is really silly, so you can ignore them, since you are not doing something wrong: you paid what you get, you get your freedom.

  3. Hi All,
    Just to share some link on good chinese ebook on kindle.

    Please also download a ebook converter or management SW call Calibre, you can covert all non Kindle supports format to .mobi file. after covert the file, just connect your kindle to you PC, Calibre can also transfer the ebook to your kindle. **talk about how convert using Calibre from other format.


  4. I downloaded the file you created, imported the books into my Kindle, and it works GREAT! I want to say thank you very very much and you made my day!

    Best luck!


  5. I bought a paperwhite and set the region to US. I found out that some books on are marked as “not buyable”. Is it because of my region being US?

  6. Yes, I am physically located in US. I can buy most of the books using a US credit card. but for some books, it is marked as “不能购买“

      1. Come on. Your US account of course cannot buy books from You should sign up an account from is open to US citizens.
        And for any problem you have, the best way is contact the, they are always nice to help you.


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