Set up Ubuntu 12.04 Laptop as WiFi Hotspot (ad-hoc) to Share Wired Internet

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Set up Ubuntu 12.04 Laptop as WiFi Hotspot (ad-hoc) to Share Wired Internet》有86个想法

  1. 勺子



  2. neil

    请问下,我按照这样步骤建热点,但是当我create new wireless net work的时候 他提示 wireless network disconnect ,我查了好多资料,不知道是什么原因?

      1. neil

        估计是在学校被drcom 坑了 。。。唉 在win7 下可以用connectfy软件共享 但是在ubuntu下就无力了。。。

  3. milandroid

    很不错的博客呢 第二次通过搜索访问了:)
    原来先前一直没有找到shared to other computer这个选项 所以没有成功

  4. Maitreya

    In step 3 – On choosing “WEP 40/128-bit Key (Hex or ASCII)” the ‘Save’ button is getting disabled. Any idea why?? And how to deal with the situation?

    1. 土木坛子 文章作者

      Sorry, I have not experienced this sort of problem. You can also try another more direct method, I remember it is just one-step setting somewhere, you can Google it. Or just buy a wifi router. Good luck.

      1. cfortin

        The key lengths have to be certain sizes. If you have not typed enough characters, or type too many, the save button will grey out.

  5. abao

    怎么我的ubuntu ad-hoc不设密码 android手机才能连接上网
    安全性那设密码就不行 手机无线连接显示已停用!!求解

  6. pruthvi

    when i click on my hotspot its giving “hotspot established ” but none of the phone/laptop is detecting its wifi…plz help me out..

  7. Joe

    Thanks so much! I spent ages trying to do the way more confusing method of using hostapd through terminal and it didn’t work. I was just thinking about turning back to Windows so I could use connectify but your method works perfectly!

  8. Bing

    Wifi seems up, but iPhone cannot connect

    Followed every steps and saw the hot spot on iPhone. When connecting, it asks me not only a password but also a username…. I think I typed the correct password (tried several times) and tried various usernames – leave blank; my ubuntu login; it just keep saying “unable to join”; any idea?

    1. Black_Claw

      Oh, forgot to mention, you can also tweak your ubuntu instead your phones. Bear that this is, of course, useless if you want to use computers without root users.

      sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server hostapd

      open a text editor and save this to your home folder as .hostapd.conf

      wpa_pairwise=TKIP CCMP

      *NOTE: run iwconfig and you’ll see something such as:
      ppp0 no wireless extensions.
      lo no wireless extensions.
      wlan1 IEEE 802.11bg Mode:Master Frequency:2.462 GHz Tx-Power=20 dBm
      Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
      Power Management:off
      wlan1 is the wireless interface.

      Run the wireless hotspot tutorial created by 土木坛子, which is the tutorial on this page. Then, run
      sudo hostapd .hostapd.conf

      And that’s it. Connect your android phone, normal way of course. 🙂
      If you are able to detect it but unable to join the network, do not fill the wireless security/password while running 土木坛子’s tutorial. Leave it blank instead, and fill only the .hostapd.conf’s password (wpa_passphrase=*YOUR*PASSWORD*).

  9. Ade Malsasa Akbar

    Hello, Tumutanzi. I follow this tutorial until the point 8. Yes I have created that in my machine. But:

    1) Should I click on the new wifi I create? Its name is Malsasa.
    2) If I click that, still I can browsing or not? Or just client that can browse and I can’t?
    3) After doing this tutorial, my wifi detected on another Ubuntu laptops but after enter password, the laptops only searching and do not connected into my wifi.

    I am new in network and in Linux. I need your help. I am using Haier modem for connecting to Internet, not a wired connection. Thank you from Indonesia.

    1. 土木坛子 文章作者

      I think you misunderstand this tutorial. First, you should make your laptop (has wifi modem) connect internet with cable using Ubuntu, then you use the wifi modem to share the internet with your wifi enabled devices, and I am not sure the tutorial works for all devices, since the hardware is also very complicated, that is why I list the hardware info I used.

      As for questions

      1, yes, you should click it.
      2, you can surf the internet on your laptop and on your mobile devices.
      3, the length of password should be set according the tutorial.

      1. Ade Malsasa Akbar

        Wow! So fast replying! Thank you.

        So, for USB modem connection, in Ubuntu, I can’t do sharing like this tutorial? I don’t have any wired connection and any wifi modem. Just Haier EC1261-2 USB Modem and Ubuntu 12.04. My laptop is ASUS X44C and wireless card kernel driver is ath9k.

        I like your fast reply 🙂 Thank you.

        1. Cement Science

          In this case, theoretically speaking, it is possible, because that the key point is that the WIFI modem of your laptop works either for your laptop or for your mobile devices.
          But practically speaking, I have never tried, so I have no further idea, you should try it yourself, and I would like to know whether you succeed.
          You are welcome.

  10. Ade Malsasa Akbar

    Oh again, after step 8, my network manager always changing and changing, keep changing between mobile network icon and monitor icon. And also OSD notification appear again and again saying


    Thank you for helping me.

  11. Ade Malsasa Akbar

    Oh, yeah. If you reply this comment, please send a notification to my mail. I need it soon but your blog seems doesn’t have any mail subscription for comment. Thank you, Tumutanzi 🙂 It is my first time to come in China Linux Blog.



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