Visit a Belgium Friend

I have been staying in Belgium for more than one and a half years, but I has never been invited to a Belgium family, which of course cannot prove Belgium people are not hospitable,  actually I have not invited any Belgium friends to my place to have a Chinese dinner either, though I am very hospitable like most of Chinese people. The possible reason account for this could be that people with different cultures do not like to bother each other, that is human nature.

However, everything has a first time, and the world is experiencing  changes all the time. Last month, on the meeting organized by OBSG, I met a Belgium friend whose name is Georges, and he warmly invited me to visit his home. Finally, we fixed a date by email, which is 9 April.

Yesterday evening, we paid a visit to his home. Georges is a so friendly and hospitable gentleman, and he can speak French, Dutch, English. At his home, we talked leisurely. Meanwhile, Georges also showed us his beautiful garden, wine cellar (in his basement) and his china collections. In the end, Georges prepared us a typical Belgium diner, baked beef, salad, as well as cake as dessert with famous Belgium chocolate! Georges’s wife Beatrice is also a very nice and kind lady, she gave my son some toys to play, since they have four daughters (all are adults now) and she loves children very much, so they have a lot toys for children, When we were having dinner, she even found a baby chair for my little son to be seated, which made my son feel at home. It could not be better!

The Saturday evening was so happy and interesting, which will be kept in my mind all my life. And many thanks for Georges and Bealtrice, for their hospitality and friendly.

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    1. 好的,没有问题,交換链接的事好办。比利时这个国家有三种官方语言,荷兰语,法语,德语。这个国家的事情还是挺复杂的,但也是标准发达资本主义国家的典范。


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