How to Make an Ubuntu Laptop as a WiFi Hotspot?

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    1. 为什么不能英文呢?

  1. I’ve done all like you say, but it doesn’t appear to me. Nothing comes up in the list of wireless networks, except the one I’m connected to.

  2. Well I have Ubuntu and followed the steps exactly. ^_^ Do you really have to have the same hardware?

    Appreciate the feedback.

    1. OK, I checked it again, and added step 6&7, please refer to the new added information, and tell me whether it works now. Good luck.

      The secrete may be you need to “Create” your new set WiFi that is made by this tutorial.

  3. Ah, thanks, I get it now! I didn’t realize I had to disconnect from the other network I was using. 😛

    So you must be connected with a cable to take advantage of this then.

    Anyway, many thanks for your replies!


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