Backspace Key Works the Same in Linux Chrome as on Windows Version

We all know a web browser works the same way on all operating systems (OS), for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. have the same performance on both Windows and Linux, however, the backspace key is an exception. Pressing the backspace key in Chrome of Windows version would go back to the previous page of a web page tab that is being viewed, but it was not the case on Linux operating systems, such as Ubuntu.

The possible reason may be the backspace key of Linux has some other function, that is why extensions of Chrome and Firefox are created to make the key has the same function on Linux as that of Windows, it should not be like that, why not have the same user habit?

It has been changed now. Using the latest Chrome browser on Linux, you can use the backspace key to go back to the previous web page of a tab history, and shift+backspace to go forward a next page of the browser history. It is quite convenience for those guys who like controlling computer using keyboard shortcuts.

Does it mean Google is the real promoter of Linux operating system? at least Google is making effort to implement a same user experience on different OS. That is great!

Chrome made an update, how about Firefox? I hope Firefox will also make a change on this issue as soon as possible.

Tips: it is also possible to use Alt+Right/Left arrow to achieve the same effect as Backspace and Shift+Backspace do, no matter on Windows or Linux.



  1. 我不认为Google会在Linux上开起Backspace键, 因为他们已经拋弃这个键了. 连他们的主页上( Backspace键原来的功能也被改了.


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