Belgium Evening Party

Last Friday evening, 25 March, the Belgian colleagues in our laboratory organized a party named “Belgium Evening” for all people (especially foreigners) in our lab.

In the year 2009, we Chinese colleagues prepared a “Chinese Evening” for them. Then, in 2010, the Latin group also had a party for all colleagues, at that moment the slogan of the party was “Bye-bye summer – dinner/party” because the summer in Belgium is short. Unfortunately, I was in Spain so I did not join the party.

At the party this time, Belgium colleagues made some typical Belgian food, beef cooked with beer, Belgium fry, famous Belgian beer, wine and chocolate were also supplied. Another interesting thing is they collected some typical and old-fashion game apparatus for us to play, so we can imagine how Belgium people make fun in the past.

In the end of the party, a funny quiz on basic Belgium knowledge was performed.

Thanks for the nice party by our nice Belgium colleagues; we do appreciate the hospitality and friendliness of Belgium. It is quite a small but very beautiful country.

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