Thank you @coinatory for becoming my 3000th steemit follower!

3000th follower.JPG

I noticed my steemit has 3000 followers this morning. It is a new milestone. My curiosity leads me to check who is my 3000th follower. The answer is @coinatory. Lucky @coinatory. Thank you for becoming 3000th steemit follower.

To show my appreciation, I would like to transfer 3 SBD to you @coinatory!

I am very happy to see you start following me. As most of my posts are published in Chinese, I hope you can read them by the help of Google translator if necessary.

Amazing Steemit. I did not expect I can have more than 3000 followers all over the world. This is the power of decentralized steem blockchain.

Expecting my 4000th follower! Everything is possible on steemit.

@coinatory 很幸运地成为了@tumutanzi 的第3000名steemit订阅者,为表示我对其的感谢,我给@coinatory转账了3 SBD。期待我的第4000名steemit订阅者。


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