Run out of a bad mood

This is my real life.

I wake up in the morning, but a bit lazy in the bed. I had a look at my phone. There was some bad news that I am concerned. Some part the news is true, the other fake. Do people believe the fake part? They probably never doubt those fake news. I know people believe what they want to believe.

Reading the bad news and recalling the difficult and hard work I am recently busy with, I felt sad in the bed. I doubt myself what I am chasing with.

Why did I choose such a way? What is my original goal when I was making the decision? Am I wrong now? How about the future? The combination of these thoughts made me even sadder.

However, I realized I was in a bad mood. I immediately decided the first thing I need to do is getting up. I did it. I must run out the bad mood, so there is a chance to get better as time may resolve something.

Just another working day. As time passed by, I was getting better. It was not that bad. I sorted out the bad news and recalled my original goal. Tackling these difficulties is the right challenge I must face.

This is a lesson I took, which told me how to get rid of bad mood. It is worthwhile for me to write it and keep it.


  1. 看到那些负面新闻的时候,心里有在想坛子会有什么样的想法,会怀疑当初的决定吗?


  2. What kind of bad mood were you in?
    Is it the first time that you were in such a bad mood?
    Do you know why you were in such a bad mood?


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