Fixing Google Custom Search Engine Monetization Saving Issue

As a blogger using WordPress, I recently switched to Google Custom Search Engine instead of the default search box, just to give better user experience when searching the whole blog. Google Custom Search Engine not only index the posts of a blog, but also the comments left by readers who often bring nice content for a blog.

However, there is a slight disadvantage of Google Custom Search Engine compared with the search box of WordPress. Google Custom Search shows advertisment based on the queries searched. Of course, it is comprehensible that Google relies on ads revenue whenever offers “FREE” services to users.

Fortunately, you can get part of the ads revenue if you have a Google AdSense account. Google does offer a “Search Engine Monetization” tab at the control panel of Google Custom Search Engine to link the ads with your AdSense account. But I found there is a bug of this setting. As some people already posted:

Custom Search Settings Hang on “Saving” When Adding Adsense Account Info – Won’t connect to AdSense.

Turning on the butter “on” of “Search Engine Monetization” does not work, it stucks at “saving” status but “Google help page” still tells you can do it. I presumably joked that maybe Google discourages users to turn on the Monetization feature since it shares ads revenue with users.


The question is how to fix the problem. I found a solution.

Simply go ahead to your AdSense account page, make a new custom search engine under “My ads” (“Custom search engines” of “Search”).


OK, go back to Google Custom Search control panel, you will find a new search engine with the edition “Free – (partner CSE)” is out there. The “Search Engine Monetization” feature of the new one is already on and associated with your AdSense publisher ID. You can also set up the new search engine as you want before you put the search code to your website.

Google Search Engine Monetization

Have fun and make money from Search Engine Monetization of Google.


    1. Google AdSense is not so popular in China. This post is not so interesting for readers who do not use Google AdSense and Custom Search Engine.
      As you know, most of readers of my blog are Chinese (or at least originally), but I think the post is pretty useful to guys who face the bug on the whole internet, that is why I wrote this post in English.

    1. 哪能呢。就是为了方便广大用ADSENSE的非国人们,中文网站用ADSENSE的人应该不多——收益实在太低了。





  1. 作者你好,我也遇到这个问题了.你说的办法不行啊.

    现在adsense的后台无法添加搜索广告了. 新建的广告单元只有展现的广告.



  2. 楼主你现在在美国吧?



    但是页面跳转之前 我还是能看到新建一个搜索的选项,但立马跳转,没法点.

    估计 中国用户取消了这个功能,虽然我连了vpn.


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