Will Jasmine Revolution Happen in China?

As we all know, the unrest in the Arab world is still on the go. There are also some reports about the corresponding situation in China, thus, people may expect the so-called “Jasmine Revolution” will happen in China. My personal opinion is that the revolution will not happen in China, at least in the short term.

Both Chinese people and the rest of the world realize China has a lot of problems, such as, democracy, human rights etc. However, it is no good to carry out a complete revolution to change the current situation and directly copy the democratic regime of the western world. First, the diversity of China culture makes it difficult to apply just one policy to such a big country, meanwhile, the long history of China developed the unique culture of Chinese people, which is not the same as western’s. Second, the current situation of China is not ready to adopt western regime style without any change.

Democracy is good, but it is an expensive product, the biggest disadvantage of democracy is low efficiency. Time consuming discussion over one simple issue cannot bring out high economy development, which is even worse for an developing country, i.e. China. The number-two  rank of  China’s GDP seems beautiful, the average economy per head of Chinese is, however, still extremely low, even only one tenth of Japanese.

We do see not so many people respond to the small group demonstrations in China, one reason is the forbidden and prevention from the government, the more important reason is average people do not hope the whole country being in chaos. It is the people, only the people of a country, can determine the future of the country.

Most of Chinese people can enjoy a peaceful and basic daily life these days, the dissatisfaction and complaint come from the richer people who may gained their wealth illegally and some abuse of power in the government. Living China is much better than living in a country and have to worry about your personal safety all days. People want more, desire more, that is human nature.

In terms of human rights, democracy, the purpose and goal are the same, no matter in the western world or the eastern, the ways and methods to implement it, however, could be different. And I hope that day arrives as soon as possible, the earlier, the better.


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